Whether you’re looking for a shoe to maximize performance on the road, build confidence on the trails, or somewhere in between, we’re here to help you find what you need. 

Read on for advice to help you select the right shoe for the road, gravel, mountain biking, or commuting by bike.


Road shoes are the lightest option and undoubtedly offer the best on-the-bike pedaling experience, provided you are riding on a relatively smooth and predictable surface. The 3-bolt cleat mounting system offers a more stable platform for the foot to attach to the pedal and spreads pedaling pressure more evenly, alleviating potential strain on the knees. Road shoes offer a fully rigid sole for maximum efficiency in transferring power from your legs into the pedal. Off the bike, road shoes are cumbersome to walk in and have no tread for traction on gravel or uneven surfaces. DO Turn to Road shoes when you want to optimize your efficiency and riding experience on paved surfaces. DON’T Plan to do much walking.



Gravel shoes offer a compelling mix of features for those looking for a one-shoe quiver. Borrowing features from both road and MTB shoes, our gravel shoes showcase sleek design without compromising durability or comfort. These shoes are SPD-compatible to give you a quicker release when you need it, equipped with trail-ready tread patterns for improved walkability, and have reinforced uppers to hold up against more rugged terrain. DO Choose a Gravel shoe for everyday, mixed terrain riding on unpaved and paved surfaces, and bikepacking adventures. DON’T Expect them to be quite as light and stiff as a pure road shoe or as sure footed as a Trail-type MTB shoe off the bike.


All of our mountain biking shoes offer burly uppers for protection on the trail, a wide platform for hiking convenience and a casual look. For your mountain biking adventures, the first step is deciding if you want to ride with clipless or flat pedals. Each has their own advantage. Paired with clipless pedals, our SPD-compatible mountain bike shoes offer riders a seamless connection to the bike for increased pedaling efficiency. Flat pedals, paired with our PinLoc Outsole®, provide secure foot engagement while still allowing the rider complete freedom of movement, on and off the bike. Alternatively, our flat pedal shoes make great shoes for commuting! DO Ride SPD-compatible MTB shoes(clip-in) if you feel confident on singletrack and want the best pedaling performance. DON’T Turn to MTB shoes for road or gravel riding if you want the most stable connection or are concerned with extra weight.